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At quantilope we live for our culture and support the growth of our employees. One of the ways we do so is by providing free access to Linkedin Learning. In this post, quantilope's People & Culture team share their favorite courses and what you can learn from them.


Hello fellow learners!

At quantilope, 'continuous learning' is not just a buzzword; It's a key aspect of personal and professional development. We provide free access to Linkedin Learning for each employee (from intern to C-Level) and have collected some of our favorite courses to share with you below.



This course is for anyone who wants to start or continue their journey of becoming an ally for diverse groups, including a focus on cultural humility as a way of thinking. You’ll learn how to embrace bravery, understand diversity & inclusion, prioritizing marginalized voices, and how to actively practice ally-ship in real-world scenarios. 

This training offers practical guidance to understand the significance of being an ally to create a positive work environment. 

Our key takeaway: We’re all going to make mistakes. It’s not about whether you make a mistake. It’s whether you take accountability for it.



Learn how to overcome insecurities when speaking English and how native English speakers can better understand you. This session will broaden your understanding of and communication with people who speak different languages and the biases that come along with it.

Our key takeaway: There is no right English, English a world language! People who speak many languages have a variety of skills that also arise when working bilingually.



Great listening skills can enhance your professional relationships and results. In this course, you'll learn techniques for active listening across a variety of scenarios; such as shifting your focus from a topic to a person.

For example, instead of sharing all your expert knowledge on a specific topic, focus on the person your speaking to and their relationship with the topic. This can enable you to remain humble and to become a better listener.

Our key takeaway: When you shift your focus from the topic to yourself, something remarkable happens. You become the expert on your own experiences and relationship with that subject. 



Presenting virtually can feel less rewarding. It can also be tough to read your audience and keep engagement high when presenting through a screen. In this course, you'll learn how to authentically connect with any audience and how to implement engagement tactics while presenting in a virtual space. 

Our key take away: Don't just set an agenda for your topics, set an agenda for the energy as well: How do you want your audience to feel (e.g. inspired, comfortable)? Which energy do you want to create and feel for yourself? 



Self-doubt is completely normal, which is why we love how this course empowers viewers to develop the skills to improve self-confidence. This course teaches that self confidence is a journey, not a destination - we can all learn and support each other on our individual journeys. 

Our key takeaway: Don't compare your step 1 to someone's step 100. Even the smallest steps can widen your comfort zone to develop confidence. 

As a People & Culture Team, we are passionate about nurturing a thriving culture and supporting the growth of our employees. Through LinkedIn Learning, we have a powerful platform to achieve these goals.


By prioritizing diversity & inclusion, promoting continuous learning, fostering active listening, prioritizing employee well-being, and encouraging engaged collaboration, we can create an environment where individuals flourish and our organization thrives.


Explore these courses for yourself and let us know what you learn!

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