A single platform for agile work


We map the entire market research process from the research question, to the questionnaire design, professional panel management, live reporting, in-depth analysis, and data visualization on a single, connected, platform for holistic project management. 


Accessible through our platform, the quantilope Agile Insights software automates market research methodologies, offering tools and customization to answer questions across the entire marketing mix. 


With quantilope, you'll never have to work with multiple vendors on different applications again. 




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What is the Agile Insight approach?



  • A single, connected, platform for the entire research process.
  • Customizable projects. 
  • Live results as responses come in. 
  • Data flexibility to easily compare and contrast results.
  • Templates to run similar projects multiple times. 
  • Instant visualization. 

Questions we've helped our clients answer: 

What is the biggest factor impacting customer satisfaction of our product? 


We have five new product ideas. Which one should we launch? 


Will my marketing campaign receive a positive response from consumers?  


How is our brand perceived in different regions? 


We want to target new customer groups. How can we approach them in the best way? 


What are the strengths and weaknesses of my brand in the competitive environment? 

What clients are saying


"quantilope's software enables researchers to do complex research in a fraction of the time other research platforms take. With quantilope, I am able to bring insights to our sales team and retailers faster without compromising quality or rigor."

Amy Stevens
Assoc. Director; Shopper & Retail Insights

"With its Agile Insights software quantilope fits extremely well into our agile way of working. We gain super fast valid insights for our ongoing questions in the teams. From the idea screener to packaging tests to pricing questions".

Ole Strohschnieder
CMO & Co-Founder Just Spices

"We have a high demand for relevant insights, especially for product development, product life cycle management and communication - all at high speed. We appreciate the flexibility that quantilope offers us as an international company."

Steffen Guldner
Director Market Intelligence


What is the quantilope Agile Insights Software?

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