Automated A/B Pre-Roll Test

The A/B Pre-Roll Test is an extension of the classic A/B that tests various advertisements in a digital environment.

quantilope's A/B Pre-Roll Test is fully automated, allowing users to drag & drop the method into their survey and watch results populate in real-time. 


Benefits of quantilope's automated A/B Pre-roll Test

  • Automates structural equivalence across groups of respondents
  • Externally valid approach for testing digital environments

Applications of quantilope's A/B Pre-roll Test

Which advertisement captivates consumers most?

Spot B seems to especially captivate consumers more with a higher view-through rate, especially at the beginning.

Are there certain scenes in my ad that prompt views to ‘skip ad’?

Many consumers chose to skip Spot A between 3 and 4 seconds.

Additional Methods

Implicit Single Association Test (SAT)

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Key Driver Analysis

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A/B Test (Monadic test)

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