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Automated Single Implicit Association Test (SIAT)

Based on neuroscience research, the Single Implicit Association Test (SIAT) is an implicit research method used to uncover subconscious associations towards a category, brand, or product. A SIAT measures which items (e.g. qualities, traits, emotional goals) consumers associate with a single brand, category, or concept.

quantilope's SIAT is fully automated, allowing users to drag and drop the implict method into their survey instantly and review results in real-time.  


Benefits of quantilope's Automated SIAT


Complements explicit findings with subconscious consumer associations

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Reduces social desirability bias by capturing fast, instant consumer responses

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Offers versatility for product, brand, or category insights

Applications of quantilope's SIAT

What associations do consumers subconsciously associate with my product category?


Among the tested alcohol types, cognac is the only category to over-index on 'status' while consumers connect Vodka with 'trust', 'reason', 'curiosity' and 'joy'. Tequila is most highly associated with 'freedom', while rum fails to have strong associations towards any of the category motivations.

Does an advertisement activate the desired association?


Advertisement 2 activates the highest response to all of the associations with the strongest links to 'reliability', 'enjoyment', 'adventure', and 'excitement'. Advertisement 3 performs the poorest among the group with a low IAS % (Implicit Association Strength in %) across all attributes.

Leveraging an automated implicit method provides an easy way to tap into your consumers‘ subconscious and uncover what they‘re really thinking - providing new perspectives in a project that you wouldn’t be able to uncover with simple U&A questions alone.”

-Tripp Hughes, Senior Director of Consumer Strategy



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