Multiple Implicit Association Test (MAT)

Based on neuroscience research, the Multiple Implicit Association Test (MAT) is an implicit research method used to uncover subconscious associations toward multiple brands or products. An MAT measures which brand or product consumers associate most strongly with certain items (e.g. qualities, traits, emotional goals).

Benefits of quantilope's MAT: 

  • Easily uncover deep, unconscious consumer associations.
  • Effortlessly combine analysis from multiple automated implicit methods.
  • Including intuitive KPIs about the distinction and "gravity" of your brand.

Applications of quantilope's MAT

How is my brand positioned against competitive brands in the category?

Among the different vodka brands, Belvedere over indexes on 'status' but falls below the category average on 'curiosity', 'trust', and 'reason'. Tito's out performs both the category average and the other vodka brands in its association to 'freedom' while Svedka has the highest associations to 'trust' and 'reason'.

Is the profile of a brand distinct?

Grey Goose attracts many implicit associations however the brand is not very distinct compared to its competitors.

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