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Automated Key Driver Analysis

Key Driver Analysis is used to determine how important various drivers (e.g. features, characteristics) are to an outcome, such as brand liking or purchase intention, to prioritize levers for improving that outcome. Typical areas of application include studies on brands, product concepts, or customer satisfaction.

quantilope's KDA is fully automated, allowing users to drag and drop the method into their survey, customize however needed, and watch results update in real-time.


Benefits of quantilope's automated Key Driver Analysis


Reveals unexpected or hidden relationships between variables and outcomes


Highlights motivations behind specific consumer demographics 


Produces easy to understand visualizations with clear prioritization recommendations

Applications of quantilope's automated Key Driver Analysis

What levers are most effective for improving customer satisfaction?


The most effective drivers of the supermarket's customer satisfaction are 'credibility', 'quality', and 'tradition'.

What product features will allow me to increase the willingness to buy?


'Automatic categorization of expenses,' 'Login via Face-ID,' and 'Money transfer' are the most important features impacting purchase intent.

Without quantilope, we wouldn‘t have been able to provide our internal
customers with what they need to run their business successfully
- neither in terms of insights nor time

-Hermann Hausenbiegl, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics



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