Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff)

Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff) is used to identify consumers' preferences towards product features, advertising claims, or branding. It’s used to understand which items to prioritize by asking respondents to make tradeoffs between the items.

Benefits of quantilope's MaxDiff: 

  • Provides automatic suggestions for optimal survey designs
  • Intuitive analyses and comparisons of sub-segments
  • Gamified approach for respondents

Check out a quick MaxDiff demo video here


Applications of quantilope's MaxDiff

What product features are the most important for the decision to buy?

'Automatic emergency brake,' 'Anti-collision warning,' and 'Blindspot monitoring' are the most important product features when buying a car.

What advertising slogans do consumers find the most appealing?

The most appealing supermarket slogans for consumers are 'all local produce,' and 'fresh as from your own garden'.

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