Automated Price Sensitivity Meter (PSM)

Price Sensitivity Meter (also known as Van Westendorp method) is used to investigate different price perceptions and the price limits consumer's place in relation to a specific product or service.

quantilope's Price Sensitivity Meter is fully automated, allowing users to drag and drop the method into their survey instantly and watch results in real-time.


Benefits of quantilope's automated PSM: 

  • Predefined analyses for various questions
  • Pre-defined chart options remove the need for DIY analysis

Check out a quick PSM demo video here 

Applications of quantilope's PSM

What price range do consumers perceive to be appropriate?

$1 is the optimal price for the product, while $1.19 is the category price that the consumers perceive as normal.

What price point will attract the most amount of consumers?

$1 will attract the largest proportion of possible and certain buyers.

What product concept do consumers have the highest willingness to pay for?

Consumer willingness to pay is highest for the 'Whole-Nut' product.

Additional Methods

Choice-Cased Conjoint Analysis (CBC)

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Key Driver Analysis

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A/B Test (Monadic Test)

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