Celebrating 9 Memorable Years of quantilope

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Time flies when you're having fun, and for us at quantilope, the past 9 years have been nothing short of an incredible journey. As we marked our 9th anniversary, we took a moment to reflect on our achievements, journey, and unforgettable memories that have shaped our company culture.


To commemorate this special milestone, we started with a global celebration that truly captured the spirit of our diverse and talented team. Gathering virtually in our weekly company coffee meeting (all-hands), we brought together employees from both sides of the Atlantic - spanning Europe and the US. One of the highlights of our anniversary celebration was the nostalgic presentation from one of our co-founders, Tom, who shared milestones from the past 9 years that reflect the true ‘doers’ we are (one of our core company values). Just a few examples include our expansion from Germany to the United States, shifting to working from home at record speed during the pandemic, hitting multiple growth milestones, navigating many product launches, and of course, all of the impact moments we’ve created with our clients.

Following that, we enjoyed a laughter-inducing reel showcasing our employees' favorite memories throughout their time with the company using our video feedback solution, inColor. The collection of anecdotes and adventures served as a testament to the bonds we've forged and the values that define our work environment. Watching the reel reminded us all of the unique journeys each one of us has experienced at quantilope, and that having fun at work is truly important to us.


We continued our virtual celebration with in-person gatherings at our offices in both Hamburg and New York. In Hamburg, we had an Italian antipasti buffet and refreshing drinks on our rooftop terrace. Laughter and conversations flowed until late in the evening, creating yet another memorable get-together. Meanwhile, in the heart of New York, our team indulged in delectable cake and drinks as we raised our glasses to the shared fun and special memories that have defined our company's growth both globally and specifically in the US.


As we look back on the last 9 years, we're not just celebrating another year older; we're celebrating the collaborations, innovations, and friendships that have been the foundation of our success. Here's to the memories we've made, the challenges we've overcome, and the exciting future that lies ahead for quantilope. Cheers to 9 years, and many more to come!


Watch the inColor reel below to see our collection of anecdotes and adventures:


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