Automated Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF)

TURF is used to identify the potential performance of a combination of products, features, or marketing actions. TURF analysis will identify which portfolio of items appeals to the greatest number of consumers.

quantilope's TURF is fully automated, allowing users to drag and drop the method into their survey instantly and follow along with results in real-time.


Benefits of quantilope's automated TURF: 

  • Customizable real-time simulator
  • Automated survey design based on MaxDiff method
  • Pre-defined analyses for various questions

Check out a quick TURF demo video here

Applications of quantilope's TURF

Which of my new products reaches the most number consumers?

Burger patties have the greatest single reach, reaching 65% of the consumers, followed by ground beef (42%) and breakfast sausage (29%).

Which portfolio of new products has the highest market coverage?

To reach 90% of consumers, the manufacturer should produce burger patties, breakfast sausages, chicken tenders, and bbq ribs. These four product types have the greatest combined reach.

How can I avoid cannibalizing my own product portfolio?

To avoid cannibalization effects, those products which are further apart on the substitution map should be combined. Beef crumbles and bbq ribs are further apart on the substitution map and are therefore not considered as substitutes, as they do not reach the same consumers.

Additional Methods

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