quantilope Launches an Automated Solution to Need-Based Segmentation

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Global insights technology provider, quantilope, launches automated segmentation - adding a 13th advanced method to its Insights Automation platform. The new method enables brands to automate segmentation research, delivering high-quality insights at a fraction of the time it takes with other vendors.


Insights Automation provider, quantilope, today released the latest advanced method now offered on their platform: segmentation. With this new release, quantilope provides clients with an automated approach to segmenting their audience for marketing, product development, and innovation.

The new automated analysis enables companies and brands to undertake the previously costly and time-consuming process of professional need-based segmentation. Like all other advanced methods offered through quantilope’s platform, segmentation can be added to a survey with a simple drag + drop approach.

The method uses a MaxDiff to capture consumer responses to need statements, which are then analyzed through a series of automated data processing steps and machine learning algorithms on the backend. Through the power and ease of automation, quantilope’s segmentation captures insights at a fraction of the time it takes with other vendors, is intuitive in nature yet sophisticated in results, and provides guaranteed quality without the risk of manual errors.

"Our new method is a milestone for marketers: need-based segmentation has never been so fast and easy! quantilope's new automated segmentation provides brands with a differentiated understanding of consumers. Future product ideas, communications, promotions, or any other marketing activities can be easily developed and tested with any specific target group. The results are marketing campaigns, products, and services that literally speak from the heart of consumers," explains Dr. Peter Aschmoneit, CEO and Co-Founder of quantilope.

Key benefits of quantilope’s automated segmentation:

  • 100% automated: No manual calculations or analytics needed.
  • Simple to use, delivering high-quality results: quantilope’s automated segmentation is intuitive enough for a researcher of any background to generate strategic findings, grounded in machine learning and statistical algorithms.
  • Fast results: Results are delivered in a fraction of the time that researchers are used to.

Need-based segmentation is highly valued among research experts, considered the ‘gold-standard’ approach. It enables brands to align and advance product developments and communications with the relevant needs and motivations of consumers in mind. quantilope’s ability to segment consumer needs, yet still having the power to automatically profile the segments on demographic, behavioral, or psychographic data also makes this an ‘all-inclusive’ approach to segmentation.

quantilope's automated need-based segmentation ensures that insights are tailored to specific consumer groups to develop successful products or campaigns based on unmet needs. At the same time, automated profiling still allows clients to dig further into their need-based segments to gain a more holistic picture of who these consumers are (such as age, gender, behaviors, etc.).


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