quantilope Introduces Multiple AI Solutions Across Each Stage of the Advanced Consumer Research Process

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Aug 30th, 2023 - quantilope has announced the upcoming release of multiple AI solutions and tools across the entire consumer research process.

quantilope's announcement includes solutions and tools across the entire consumer research process from survey creation to data analysis, project summaries, and more - all within their end-to-end platform. With the announcement, quantilope solidifies its position as a company with AI truly built into its core.

Well known for offering the largest suite of automated advanced research methodologies, quantilope's commitment to delivering high-quality research at the speed required by modern businesses is now being elevated to a level unimaginable one year ago through its new applications of AI. Through these solutions, quantilope is becoming the only research platform blending market leading advanced methods and AI to enable researchers to unlock data they can trust easier and faster than ever before.

"Over the short and long term, quantilope is reshaping market research through practical applications of AI that finally solve the age-old research paradigm of having too many requests for projects & insights with too few hands or resources to complete them," explained quantilope Co-Founder and CEO, Peter Aschmoneit. "Among all of the buzz and anticipation around AI, it's our commitment to seamlessly weave AI tools into our existing platform that naturally fit into the market research workflow and make advanced research methods even easier for researchers to implement into their processes."

In the short term, quantilope's platform will offer AI capabilities for survey creation and insight summaries allowing researchers to instantly build new projects and analyze results with a click of a button. Long term, AI will become the nervous system of quantilope's platform, driving capabilities around fielding, data analysis, and reporting to become your own personal AI co-pilot for conducting research. As a result, researchers are expected to get 50% of their time back on each project; time researchers can leverage for additional projects or to support other business needs.

"Regardless of your expertise working with AI, quantilope's new AI-driven tools are designed to support researchers' productivity in an intuitive and approachable fashion. We look forward to partnering with our clients to find new AI use cases together and to continue reshaping the market research industry by making advanced consumer insights accessible to all," noted quantilope's Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Lucas Bremer.

quantilope client Kwame Wireko, Growth Marketer at Nestlé R&D US Accelerator, reiterates the value of quantilope's AI solutions in saying: "At Nestlé R&D Accelerator, we always aim to leverage digital transformation to drive consumer centricity. As such, we see AI as critical in enabling quicker and more agile consumer research to unlock high-quality insights. It's exciting to see quantilope double down on building practical use cases of AI in consumer research with such tools built seamlessly into their platform, enabling our team to deliver even more value to our stakeholders and build stronger, consumer-focused products."

Those that are just as excited as quantilope is about leveraging AI alongside advanced research should reach out through quantilope's website to learn more about how the platform's new AI-driven research tools can help drive more productivity with less.

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