The Top Method of Payment for Black Friday Shopping This Year

women shopping black friday sales

Black Friday is almost here, and we wanted to find out how many consumers will be shopping the sales this year, what they're buying, how they plan to pay, and more. 


3-in-4 consumers in the US and UK will be shopping Black Friday sales this year (among n=400 surveyed in each market). Like most years, consumers are shopping for holiday gifts, household items, and basic essentials on a good deal. However, what we were more interested in this year is how consumers plan to pay for their shopping sprees, in light of inflation and the continued rising cost of goods. 


In the US, 61% will be paying with either debit or credit, 36% with old-fashioned cash, and 27% with a gift card. 


In the UK, debit card usage is much higher. 72% of UK shoppers will be paying for Black Friday purchases using a debit card compared to 48% who will pay with credit. Could this be a way for UK shoppers to budget their spending this holiday season and not spend above their means? 

quantilope-Black-Friday-2022-UKAside from payment methods, this mini quantilope study also asks if consumers in the US and UK will use 'Buy Now, Pay Later' methods - perhaps another way to manage budgets without missing out on Black Friday deals. To see this data and more, access the complete Black Friday dashboard here


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