quantilope & Kraft Heinz: Cream Cheese Tracking for Real-World Strategy

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Kraft Heinz Cream Cheese Case Study

In this client success story, learn how Kraft Heinz leverages quantilope's platform for cream cheese tracking insights to identify and act on trends in real-time.


As a brand operating in a market where new products are popping up all the time, the Kraft Heinz team needed a tracking solution to understand consumption patterns, usage, behaviors, motivations, and barriers to cream cheese in the US (and to be at the forefront of trends to drive action, rather than reaction). 

In their search for a tracking solution, Abbey Hubregsen, Sr. Consumer Insights Manager at Kraft Heinz, recalls the need for it to be one that was quick, detailed, and 'more than just a data dump of thousands of slides'. 



"We couldn’t just go with a standard attitudes and usage tracker where we get the study’s results 3 months later and trends have already changed”. 

-Abbey Hubregsen, Sr. Consumer Insights Manager at Kraft Heinz



With quantilope, Abbey and her team set up a variety of modules within the tracker to focus on key carriers/pairings for cream cheese (such as a cheesecake module). These dashboards included a ‘highlight’ section showing the top 2-3 takeaways for stakeholders across the organization (marketing, strategy, R&D, culinary, and sales). As a result, the Philadelphia team used data-driven insights to act on an emerging trend for mini foods, with their mini cheesecakes campaign - just in time for Easter! 

To learn more about how Kraft Heinz continues to turn insights to action with quantilope, access the full case study below! 

Access the full case study!



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