quantilope & MoneyGram: Tracking a Major F1 Sponsorship

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In this client success story, learn how MoneyGram was able to leverage quantilope's automated platform to launch 18 research trackers in just under two months to monitor their Formula 1 racing sponsorship.


Chris Wardlaw, Global Research and Insights Director at MoneyGram, needed a fast and efficient way to monitor how a major sponsorship with F1 racing was impacting MoneyGram’s brand, its associations among consumers, and its position in the competitive market across multiple regions.

Chris knew he needed a hands-on platform where he could become empowered to own his research process back to front and access insights in real time. These needs led him to quantilope:


"quantilope is the perfect platform for what we needed, because we could work in tandem between teams for things like programming and quality checking, which helped trim our timeline immensely.” 

-Chris Wardlaw, Global Research and Insights Director at MoneyGram


In fact, MoneyGram decided to run not one - but two global trackers with quantilope. The first tracker would be focused on the general population across 10 key markets for MoneyGram and the second would be focused on Formula 1 fans specifically across the top eight major markets for Formula 1. This resulted in 18 research trackers launched in less than two months. 

To learn more about MoneyGram's F1 sponsorship and how the brand's tracking approach led to clear business insights and recommendations, access the full case study below!   

Access the full case study!


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