quantilope & PAX: Leveraging Technology to Drive Impact in the Insights Function

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Learn how Kristen Archibald, Senior Consumer Insights Manager at PAX (and a team of one), partnered with quantilope to quickly & easily run advanced research projects, driving product innovation and growth.


PAX is a leading global cannabis brand based in San Francisco, known for its curated set of pure, full-flavor pods and award-winning devices that make enjoying cannabis simple and safe. 

In a rapidly changing industry and one without a lot of historical data to build upon, PAX needed to find out first-hand who their consumers are, where they shop, what they like, and what else they can bring to the market. These questions are especially important as the leaders at PAX are hungry for insights, meaning there are a lot of market research questions to be answered.

As a small insights team, quantilope's Insights Automation Platform was the exact solution that Kristen needed to meet the demands for high-quality consumer insights at her growing company. 



"I'm a team of one - and quantilope's phenomenal Insights Automation technology landed in my lap at just the right time.

- Kristen Archibald, Senior Consumer Insights Manager at PAX



Download the full case study below.


Download the full case study!



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