quantilope & Tchibo: Driving Growth Through Automated Consumer Research

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In this client success story, learn how Tchibo partnered with quantilope to transform their research process into one that was quicker, more flexible, and more agile. 

Who is Tchibo?

Tchibo, the German brand originating in roasted coffee trading, has over time grown into an international business offering a range of products outside of the traditional coffee category - such as household goods, fashion merchandise, technology, travel accessories, and mobile phone services.


The secret to Tchibo's expanded success lies, among other things, in choosing the right products to delight customers. To do this, Tchibo needed a way to closely understand exactly what their customers want and need. What better way to do this than quick, automated, high-quality market research? 


Partnering with quantilope

To fulfill their research needs and continue to grow their business through data-supported decisions, Tchibo partnered with quantilope to implement a quick, automated approach to market research. In doing so, they completely transformed the way they capture customer insights. With real-time access to data, Tchibo is now able to run more advanced consumer research projects than ever before and easily identify new areas of innovation to fuel business growth.


As an added benefit of moving research in-house, Tchibo enjoys cost and time savings - creating a more efficient and manageable workload for their insights team. 


"With automating various areas, you can keep some workload off your back and focus your time on research instead of coordination"
- Alexander Falser, Head of Consumer Intelligence at Tchibo



To learn more about how Tchibo transformed its research process with the help of quantilope's Insights Automation Platform, access the case study below: 


Access the full case study!



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