quantilope & Zurich: Modernizing Research Processes to Stay Ahead

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In this client success story, learn how Zurich partnered with quantilope to streamline their research processes and save €70,000 a year on advanced analyses.


Zurich Austria is part of Zurich Insurance Group in Switzerland. In the field of insurance, security and trust play a major role. This led Zurich Austria on its search for a new market research vendor; one that could help them closely understand its target group by delivering quick, advanced insights on specific security and trust needs.


In addition to these valuable insights, Zurich's insights team was able to save money in the process by switching to quantilope's Insights Automation Platform - calculating:



"With an average of five conjoint analysis projects a year, which we used to commission externally, quantilope’s all-in-one platform saves us around 50,000 to 70,000 Euros each year.

Hermann Hausenbiegl, Head of Customer Insights & Analytics at Zurich Austria




Download the full case study below to learn how Zurich now saves budget while running advanced research projects faster and easier than ever before.

Access the full case study!



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