Method Masterclass for Insights Managers: Automated Need-based Segmentation


Gain an all-inclusive understanding of your target consumers, with quantilope’s automated segmentation. Watch this masterclass to see how you can easily implement our latest automated method into your market research projects, and get results in a fraction of the time you are used to


Innovation remains key for brand survival and success. With quantilope's segmentation, you can now use an automated approach to segment your audience for marketing, product development, and innovation. The new automated analysis enables you to quickly undertake the previously costly and time-consuming process of professional need-based segmentation. Like all other advanced methods offered through quantilope’s platform, segmentation can be added to a survey with a simple drag + drop approach.


Upgrade your research skills in only 20 minutes. 


In this webinar, Madita Brandhorst, Senior Solutions Manager at quantilope, showcases our new automated solution for need-based segmentation, with a case study that demonstrates step-by-step how to easily implement this into your market research projects. You will leave with an understanding of how to leverage automation to unlock segment deep dives in just a few days, and ensure your product innovation, pricing, and communication strategies are properly in line with the needs of your target groups.


quantilope’s segmentation uses a need-based approach, meaning the method starts by capturing consumer responses to need-statements (asked through a MaxDiff to allow for trade-off decisions). The responses to these need-statements are then analyzed through a series of AI-driven algorithms on the backend, allowing our clients to focus the majority of their time on the actual results themselves.


With quantilope’s automated segmentation, you gain an all-inclusive understanding of your target consumers. Our approach hones in on consumers' needs, and still captures a demographic read from already-existing profile questions in a survey. With these segmentation insights, you are equipped to shift your strategies to solve the true needs of your customers and stay competitive in the market. 


Watch the masterclass now and learn how you can take your insights to the next level with automated, need-based segmentation. It has never been so easy!


Watch the masterclass now

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