Webinar: A Walk-Through of quantilope's Consumer Electronics Study

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During quantilope's Consumer Electronics Webinar viewers received a detailed walk-through of our Consumer Electronics 2021 Study.

Access the recording below!

Thursday, July 8th 2021 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST


quantilope's Consumer Electronics (CE) 2021 Study uncovers the general consumer electronics landscape (what devices consumers use, how often they use them, where they're shopping for them, etc.) and includes a deep dive on wearables and smart home devices. 


We take these insights even further through our application of three advanced research methods (MAT, SAT, and MaxDiff), uncovering implicit perceptions around 8 consumer electronic brands, as well as implicit perceptions surrounding smart home devices.


Presented by: Jenna Stearns, Product Marketing Manager at quantilope


Access the Recordings Now!

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