Applying quantilope inColor to Capture Qualitative Cat Food Insights


Demonstrating quantilope's new qualitative video research solution, inColor, this study captured insights from several cat owners on how they go about feeding their cats.  


quantilope inColor: 

quantilope inColor is a new qualitative video research solution, equipped with survey and storytelling tools. inColor can be used to explore and discover new growth opportunities, find the deeper 'why' for elevating insights, and bring consumers into the boardroom for key stakeholder conversations. 


This qualitative solution works by asking consumers questions via video and receiving video responses back, all in one single location. Review each video clip using advanced AI-driven data filtering tools to organize your videos into positive/negative sentiments, particular keywords, or overall emotions. Once you've reviewed all your videos and filtered them down to your liking, combine your final clips into a comprehensive video showreel that you can take with you into important stakeholder meetings. 


Below, we'll look at how this qualitative method comes to life in our cat food study.  


Cat Food Study Findings: 

We asked seven different cat owners a series of 4 video questions related to how they care and feed for their cats. The questions were asked in the following order: 


  1.  Introduce us to you and your cat! These could be things like when your cat joined your household, how old your cat is, and anything else you'd like to share. 
  2. Can you walk us through the process of filling up the plate or bowl that you use to feed your cat, and any special preferences your cat might have while actually eating? 
  3. Can you explain to me how you made your product selection when you had so many other options to choose from? 
  4. Would you consider switching to a new cat food product in the future? Why or why not?


Below is an example of what these video responses look like as they come in, with data filtering tools on the right-hand side. 




From these responses, we categorized the findings into four final showreels, combining the responses from questions 1 and 2 into a single showreel, creating two showreels for product selection (one based on positive sentiment and one based on negative/neutral sentiment), and a final showreel for product switching. 


These showreels provide insight into the process of portioning out food at mealtime, preferred flavors within popular variety packs, health concerns of particular ingredients, and what would make consumers switch brands/products. 


To learn more about inColor in general, click here. For more detailed findings on this particular Cat Food inColor study, access the dashboard below which directly features four video showreels. 

Access the dashboard now!

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