Optimize Audience Reach with the quantilope Academy's TURF Course!

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advanced method course: TURF

Are you ready for another quantilope Academy advanced method course? Our TURF Analysis course is now available, which is an advanced method that stands for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency Analysis


TURF is a sophisticated methodology that empowers researchers to discover the optimal combination of items, leading to the greatest reach in their relevant market. Whether you're looking to safely expand your portfolio without cannibalizing your existing products or launch an entirely new product collection, TURF is the method for you.


By enrolling in the quantilope Academy's TURF Analysis course, you'll delve into the various applications of this method, learn how to set it up effortlessly in the platform through a simple drag-and-drop interface, and gain a solid understanding of the analysis process. Even better news? All of quantilope’s advanced methods and descriptive data calculations occur automatically in the platform, so you can ditch your calculator or notepad and leave the number crunching to us.


Once you've completed the course, we encourage you to showcase your newfound skills with an earned Advanced Method Badge and start capturing TURF insights like the research expert you are!


quantilope clients can log into the Academy and take the TURF course here.

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