Rising to New Expectations With Leadership, Resilience, & Performance

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Access the recording from quantilope's panel discussion with Marriott, Pfizer, and the American Academy of Dermatology at TMRE @ Home!

Rising to the New Expectation: Leadership, Resilience & Insights Performance

Hear from insights leaders who led in unique ways to influence executive teams and key stakeholders like never before. What does it take to be heard during times of extreme disruption, noise and competing and fast changing priorities?  What strategies and tactics worked in getting breakthrough insights heard and used?  How can you keep the momentum once the dust settles? 

  • Sprint vs. marathon - Is being nimble and agile sustainable? 
  • The art & science of influence: How to WOW leadership even when you WFH and convincing even the toughest stakeholders. 
  • Hacks to building the common source of truth 
  • Commanding the boardroom – carving out an evergreen role in driving strategy 
  • Bringing humanity back into the workplace – team management 


Speakers: Katelyn Ferrara, Head of Client Development at quantilope, Rosie Balk, Director, Strategic Research & Analytics at American Academy of Dermatology, Anthony Lambrou, Director, Corporate Strategy & Innovation at Pfizer, and Ellen Cory, Vice President, Global Enterprise Insight & Strategy at Marriott International

Watch the full recording now!

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