quantilope & GreenBook Webinar: The Path to Best In Class Insights in 2023

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Insights teams are the heartbeat of the organization. They inform practically every business decision from product development, to pricing, advertising, innovation and more, yet they aren’t always valued as such.


In this discussion, we identify the four key criteria that set valued insights departments apart from the rest and provide actionable recommendations to guide insights teams to become best-in-class performers and key strategic partners.


Join the ranks of building a high-performing in-house research team with these four key criteria and learn the benefits of moving towards automation and AI driven platforms for market research using advanced methods to easily understand consumer insights. Watch the discussion today. 



3 Things You’ll Learn:

  • Four key aspects that set best-in-class insights departments above the rest
  • What MRX teams must do to keep up with their competitors
  • Actionable strategies to develop and empower high-performing in-house research teams

Access the webinar recording!

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