The Retail Insights That No One Seems To Be Talking About (but We Are)

woman shopping for clothing on rack

Retail consumer insights aren't groundbreaking - this we know. Any business can easily search for stats on where people are shopping, what they're buying, in-store vs. online preferences, etc. Yet, there is still so much to be explored in the industry, and quantilope's syndicated retail study is just the start. 


Despite the rising cost of goods, 'will retail survive?' is no question. Retail isn't going anywhere. Consumers will continue to purchase essential (and even non-essential) items - hello, retail therapy. However, might the ways of purchasing these items look different in 2023 and beyond? 


Access the full insights study dashboard below to see how retail is changing with regard to secondhand shopping, item rentals, 'try before you buy' options, and consumer retail spending trends for same-day, next-day, and 2-day shipping. These consumer retail industry trends could be what separates your retail store from others as consumers continue to navigate economic changes. 

Access the retail insights now!

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