A Full Year of Better Brand Health Tracking in the Soda Category

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As of the fifth wave of quantilope's Better Brand Health Tracking study in the soda category, Mental Availability metrics indicate a positive shift in the diet soda market

quantilope's Better Brand Health Tracking (BBHT) approach is based on the work of Jenni Romaniuk - esteemed Professor at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science. Over the past year, quantilope's soda category BBHT study has been tracking Mental Availability metrics around 10 major soda brands, with a focus on Diet Coke. 

As of April '24 (the fifth wave of the BBHT tracker), Diet Coke's Mental Market Share (one of four key Mental Availability metrics) was the highest it's been (9%) since the start of tracking in April '23. One likely contributor to these upward trends for diet beverages is the changing of the seasons and more social activities. As the weather gets warmer and people's schedules get busier, Category Entry Points (CEPs; the 'prompts' that encourage consumers to shop in a certain category), are higher for things like 'picnic', 'family gatherings', 'party with friends', and 'on the go'. 

To learn more about quantilope’s Better Brand Health Tracking approach, and to dig deeper into Diet Coke’s Mental Advantage and other key metrics (including which key competitor to watch out for as of the latest wave), access our soda category dashboard below!

Access quantilope's soda BBHT study now!


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