quantilope's Insights Platform Proves a 319% ROI Over Three Years

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New Study finds the Total Economic Impact™ of quantilope’s Insights Automation Platform can provide researchers a 319% ROI over a three-year period.


Insights Automation firm quantilope commissioned a study conducted by Forrester Consulting in June 2021 to evaluate the potential return on investment an enterprise brand may receive by implementing its automated research technology. With a specific focus on research and consumer insights departments, the study provides an overview of the quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits organizations can expect by working with quantilope to conduct their market research projects.

Forrester’s in-depth analysis shows that over a three-year period organizations can experience net benefits of $2.7M, and an ROI of 319% for their research budgets, with payback from the initial investment in less than 3 months. The results include the financial benefits quantilope provides by automating advanced consumer research projects on an end-to-end platform allowing users to eliminate external market research agency fees, increase their research fielding time efficiencies, and eliminate legacy DIY tools.


Additional Benefits Include:

Quality Research Methodologies: quantilope offers fully customizable and automated research methodologies such as conjoint, TURF, KDA, implicit association tests, and more. The intuitive platform allows users to accomplish more high-quality insights projects in less time compared to working with traditional market research agencies.

Immediate Access to Data & Visualizations: quantilope connects the entire market research process to allow insights teams to access, edit, and view each step of a research project in real-time. One customer insights manager said: “Just recently, I had a survey out in the field, and I wanted to add an additional question. With quantilope, I was able to quickly make the change and see results within a day.”

Dynamic Partnership: With quantilope, clients receive exceptional empowerment, training, and support to gain the confidence and skills to get the most out of the platform. One interviewee said: “[The quantilope team] not only listened to our specific requests, but they offered meaningful input, giving us different ways to address issues regarding consumer perspective. There was a collaboration between research and marketing that seldom happens with other vendors.”

The combination of quantifiable and unquantifiable benefits identified in the Forrester study showcase how insights managers can transform the speed, substance, and scale of their research processes by implementing quantilope’s Insights Automation platform into their research departments. Created for researchers by researchers, quantilope offers a new streamlined approach to conducting market research that’s fast and affordable - without sacrificing quality.

Access a complete copy of the study here

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