Using a MIAT To See What Consumers Really Think About 6 Major Airlines

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Pack your bags for a journey through consumers' implicit associations with six major airlines! 


Using quantilope's multi implicit association test (MIAT), we asked n=451 respondents for their implicit associations with Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines. 


A MIAT is based on the speed of reaction time, meaning the faster a respondent makes an association with an airline, the quicker that association appears in the final data set. Through a rotating screen of associations (i.e. comforting, reliable, efficient, eco-friendly, adventure, etc.) respondents could choose the airlines they associate with those traits. For the best user experience, respondents saw a random selection of four (out of the six) airlines tested, with the option to choose a minimum of 1 airline and a maximum of all four airlines for any given association. 


This study was the first to test quantilope's new MIAT method - a revamp of the previously-available MAT method. The MIAT now makes this implicit test mobile-ready (as shown below), creating an enhanced user experience with an improved training module for respondents. Additionally, the method is even easier to set up than before - requiring just a few clicks. 


Airline MIAT



To explore the implicit associations for each major airline, access the dashboard below! 

Access the airline MIAT insights now!



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