Tracking Consumer Sentiment With quantilope's Consumer NOW Index


The Consumer NOW Index provides deep insights into changing consumer behavior. In a live Insights Dashboard, results are displayed in real-time and can be incorporated directly into business decisions. In addition, a quarterly report contains additional insights and recommendations for companies to gain an even deeper understanding of their consumer's reality.


Changing times are influencing people's moods, challenges, priorities and, last but not least, their behaviors. Especially now, the ability to act with agility to adapt to consumers is key to business success.

The Consumer NOW Index is a real-time tracker of consumers' current feelings, needs and behaviors. It was created at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic and has been revised after 8 waves to better map consumer behavior long term beyond COVID-19.

With a holistic view of the consumer climate, the Consumer NOW Index provides insights to help brands make better, data-backed, business decisions. It also encourages the integration of a company's own consumers into their business focus and provides insights for further questions.

The Consumer NOW Index tracks the development of:

  • Consumer sentiment
  • Unconscious motivations
  • Needs
  • Basic principles
  • Challenges and behavior
  • Purchase behaviour


For the representative study, 400 participants between the ages of 18 and 70 from Germany are surveyed monthly. Among other methods, implicit measurements and valid preference rankings (via Maximum Difference Scaling) are used in each wave.

Data from each new wave appears automatically into the live Insights Dashboard so that the latest results are available in real time. Deeper insights and actionable recommendations are regularly published in the report (please note below!).

Click here for the free Consumer NOW Index Insights Dashboard (Germany):


Open Dashboard


For the best view, we recommend opening the dashboard on the desktop.

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