Increase Your Expertise With quantilope Academy's MaxDiff Course!

quantilope academy course announcement: maxdiff

Exciting news - the quantilope Academy has just rolled out its first advanced method course: Count-Based Maximum Difference Scaling! That’s a mouthful - so we generally just refer to this as ‘MaxDiff’. 


MaxDiff is an advanced methodology that allows researchers to uncover consumer preferences using trade-off decisions. Whether used to narrow down advertising messaging, optimize product features, or develop a new brand image, MaxDiff is a highly valuable tool to understand consumers. 


Check out a screen shot from one of the course videos below: 


image (1)The screenshot above shows a preview of the video available within the Academy course.



By the end of this quantilope Academy course, you’ll become a master in all things MaxDiff - including the various applications of the method, how to set it up in the platform with a simple drag and drop, the benefits of MaxDiff, and an understanding of how the analysis works. Though not to worry - all the analysis takes place automatically on the backend so you never have to worry about any manual calculations…that’s not our style. 


Upon completing the course, go ahead and flaunt your new skills to start capturing advanced insights!
quantilope's Academy is currently available for all clients. Non-clients are encouraged to reach out to learn more about partnering with quantilope to support your insights function.

Get in touch to learn more about working with quantilope!



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