Take a Walk Through the Sneaker Category via Implicit and Video Research

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'Kick' back, relax, and 'take a walk' in US consumers' shoes with these sneaker insights...Did we lose you with the puns? We hope not, because this study is almost shoe good to be true. 


In November 2022, quantilope surveyed 500 US respondents on their sneaker-wearing and sneaker-purchasing behaviors. These respondents must have purchased a new pair of sneakers within the past year to qualify for the study. 


Beyond usage and attitude questions such as: "When do you generally wear sneakers?"; "Is there a season you wear sneakers more often?"; "What led you to purchase a new pair of sneakers in the past year?"; and "Where do you mainly shop for new sneakers?", the study also leveraged a single implicit association test (SIAT) and quantilope's video research solution: inColor


The SIAT uncovered consumers' implicit associations around five major sneaker brands: Adidas, Converse, New Balance, Nike, and Reebok. Each respondent was randomly selected to see associations for just one of these brands - regardless if they've worn or purchased the brand. Associations included descriptions such as "comfortable", "classic", "good quality", and "fashionable", to name a few. The quicker respondents selected certain associations with a brand, the stronger that association showed in the final data. Learn more about how implicit testing works here


To add some dynamic insights to these quantitative findings, we also surveyed a handful of consumers through quantilope's video research solution: inColor. The qualitative sample was a mix of 'general population' consumers along with a few proclaimed 'sneakerheads'. These video insights allowed us to hear directly from consumers about where, when, and why they're purchasing sneakers. 


View these video insights and explore the rest of the sneaker study by accessing the full dashboard below! 

Access the sneaker insights now!



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