quantilope & Edmunds: Automated Tracking for Real Time Results

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Edmunds & quantilope case study

In this client success story, learn how Edmunds has been able to easily run multiple waves of their brand tracker study to maintain a constant read on automotive industry and consumers, and to proactively cater to their changing sentiments.


Brand tracking projects are often long and complex, requiring an extensive team of researchers. This comes with high costs, limited agility, and slow turnaround times (up to eight weeks for a single wave in some cases). However, brands can’t wait this long for insights into their brand equity, campaign performance, or the success of new product launches.

This is why Edmunds, an online car resource for new and used vehicles, sought out a new research solution that could deliver on automation and speed, thus leading them to quantilope.



"One of the things that turned us onto quantilope’s tracking is how fast the turnaround is - you can launch a survey and have answers back within a week”

- Jessica Caldwell, Executive Director of Insights at Edmunds



Download the full case study below to learn how Edmunds partners with quantilope's brand tracking solution to quickly visualize and understand changed behaviors over time, measure KPIs, track competitor perceptions, and more - all without leaving the quantilope Insights Automation Platform. 


Access the full case study!



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