quantilope & Organic Valley: Understanding Consumer Values Behind Behaviors

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In this client success story, learn how Organic Valley leveraged quantilope's automated platform for Implicit Association Testing to avoid the 'everything is important' fallacy in consumer research. 


Organic Valley, a farmer-owned food brand and co-op of organic farmers for over three decades, has always been rooted in transparency, authenticity, and sustainability. As more and more consumers become invested in their health and what they consume, it's more important than ever for brands to stand out on the crowded market shelves.  


To understand what consumers truly and inherently value in their milk products, Tripp Hugues - Senior Director of Consumer Strategy at Organic Valley, turned to quantilope to determine what consumers actually care about and what moves the needle when it comes to purchasing decisions. In past research initiatives, Tripp has run into the 'everything is important' fallacy, making it difficult to take action from insights. To avoid this, Tripp opted for Implicit Association research with quantilope, leveraging a Single Implicit Association Test (SIAT) and Multi-Implicit Association Test (MIAT) for clear recommendations related to consumer values in the organic milk category. 



“One of the things I love about quantilope as a partner is that they never let me sit there by myself even as a capable DIY user…they push my thinking and get me out of my comfort zone. Having a partner that’s trusted and resourceful has been key for me." 

-Tripp Hugues, Senior Director of Consumer Strategy at Organic Valley



With the study's results, Tripp was able to instantly view the implicit findings in real time, slice and dice the data as needed among various consumer groups, and support new marketing campaigns that align with consumer values. 

To learn more about how Organic Valley leveraged automated, advanced consumer research to support business decisions, access the full case study below! 

Access the full case study!



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