quantilope Demo Day June 2023: Automated Brand Health Tracking

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Want to see a better brand health tracker that’s automated, actionable, and flexible?


Access our webinar to learn about quantilope’s new Brand Health Tracking template, which leverages two exciting new principles proven to lead to brand growth and success: category entry points and mental availability.


This template is fully automated with minimal input required from brands. The result? Researchers can use a short survey to optimize their brand health tracking for insights that will help grow their market penetration - all rooted in the globally leading school of marketing sciences expertise.


Use Cases for Automated Brand Health Tracking:

  • Tracking mental availability for a brand - a key metric for success
  • Understanding brand performance and competitive landscape
  • Determining areas of focus for brand positioning and messaging
  • Monitoring effects of marketing activities on brand health

Access the Demo Day recording!



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