Build a Successful International Strategy Using Local Market Insights

hero group client case

"We can operate the tool ourselves, integrate our own panels into the platform if necessary, and receive high-quality results - and support from quantilope if needed"
- Alexis Vermeulen Head of Insights Management at Hero



How to run international category research without loosing local details?

International companies must master a balancing act. On the one hand, they have to implement multinational strategies, and on the other hand, they have to take local conditions into account. This is even more true for food companies. After all, nutrition, eating habits and tastes are strongly influenced by regional and cultural factors.


Hero Group, the Swiss consumer food manufacturer and marketing company used quantilope to overcome the challenges coming from the global food market. They needed a solution to standardize the way they collect and analyse local market insights while still having the flexibility to use local panels without compromising. 


In the first year alone they conducted 20 multinational market research studies using a wide range of methods - from MaxDiff and segmentation to A/B testing and the implicit Single Association Test (SAT).


How did they succeed?

Hero took benefit of the cost efficient and quick quantilope platform to shorten the turnover and run quick market research studies in occasions when they used to rely on gut feel in the past. Download the success story to learn more about how quantilope helped Hero to achieve their market research objectives.



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