quantilope & IIEX.AI: Doubling Research Productivity with Generative AI

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Join quantilope’s  Chief Product Officer, Lucas Bremer, and Director of Data Science, Jannik Meyners to learn the benefits of AI. Discover how approachable and applicable AI can be for research teams. 

This session features a demo of real, practical applications of AI across the entire research process within quantilope: From survey creation to data analysis, project summaries, and more. Learn how AI will empower you to double your research productivity and elevate the quality and efficiencies already ingrained into your processes. Gain a basic understanding of how AI works for your specific needs.


Key Takeaways:

  • How you can leverage technology to replace manual, repetitive tasks
  • Ways AI gives you speed to insights, without sacrificing quality
  • Using AI as your co-pilot throughout the entire research process.

Access the session today!

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