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9 Best AI Market Research Tools

This blog explores some of the top AI-based market research tools that speed up the time to insights without sacrificing quality or substance.

nine best ai market research tools

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In this post, we summarize some of the best AI market research tools to use for a variety of research tasks, from end-to-end solutions, text generation, social media tracking, and more.


Artificial intelligence in market research streamlines the entire end-to-end consumer insights process, shortening the time between initial survey planning, data analysis, and final report delivery. AI market research tools are research solutions grounded in AI technology - such as automated survey creation, automated data cleaning, automated report generation, and more.


AI market research tools separate themselves from traditional research agencies by offering a user-friendly way to speed up project timelines without sacrificing quality or substance. Below we’ve put together a list of some AI market research tools on the market that will modernize the way you gather valuable customer feedback.



Table of Contents: 

  1. quantilope 
  2. Speak
  3. Appen
  4. Pecan
  5. Crayon
  6. Hotjar
  7. ChatGPT
  8. Browse AI
  9. Brandwatch


1. quantilope 

quantilope was built with AI in its core. At each step of the end-to-end research process, quantilope optimizes the platform experience so that researchers can focus more of their valuable time on delving into actionable insights - not on the tedious research processes.

Key AI features of quantilope:

Below are some AI features that have been central to quantilope’s platform experience since day one:

  1. Automated survey setup: Build your survey from scratch with a pre-programmed library of questions and methods, or, leverage an automated survey template that provides a customizable foundation to get you started.

  2. Automated advanced methods: Choose from a market-leading suite of 12 advanced research methods - automatically programmed and ready to drop into a survey in an instant. Each method is also automatically analyzed using machine learning algorithms.

  3. Automated LOI prediction: Ensure a strong respondent experience through an automated LOI (length of interview) prediction - letting you know how long it will take the average respondent to make their way through your survey.

  4. Automated charting: Monitor data in real-time and watch as it’s automatically populated into your existing data charts and reports.

  5. Automated emotion and sentiment analysis: quantilope’s qualitative video research solution, inColor, takes respondent video feedback and automatically analyzes it for keywords, emotions, and sentiment.

As AI continues to positively disrupt traditional ways of research, quantilope continues to evolve with it - recently introducing a whole new set of additional AI features and tools to its Consumer Intelligence Platform. These new AI tools are grounded in the following three principle beliefs quantilope holds around AI:

  1. Build AI into the end-to-end research process.
    For AI to really make an impact, researchers shouldn’t still need to copy/paste data across platforms or data sources. That’s why quantilope already does (and will continue to) integrate AI for survey ideation, survey building, real-time fielding, automated data analysis, and automated report generation - all within its single Consumer Intelligence Platform.

  2. Blend AI with advanced research methods.
    quantilope’s new set of AI features will join forces with an already market-leading suite of advanced methodologies like Conjoint, TURF, MaxDiff, Implicit Testing, and Consumer Segmentation to not only deliver research faster, but to deliver high-quality research at scale.

  3. Make AI your research copilot.
    quantilope’s new set of features will serve as research teams’ AI Co-Pilot, saving them a significant amount time on each project; time they can leverage for additional research projects or to support other business needs.

quantilope’s new AI features and tools will further solve the research dilemma of having too many research requests with not enough hands or resources to do them. With quantilope’s new set of AI tools, users can build new projects and analyze results even faster than before, and generate insight summaries in seconds that match the tone style of an insights dashboard.

See quantilope's AI in action in this on-demand webinar:

AI webinar


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2. Speak

Speak is an AI-based market research tool that specializes in turning unstructured audio and video feedback into actionable consumer insights through natural language processing (NLP). Research teams can use Speak to convert consumer interviews, digital recordings, YouTube videos, podcasts, focus groups, etc. into an actionable data set.

Key Features of Speak:

  1. Automated transcription: Speak lets researchers convert their audio and video into text using automated transcription tools.

  2. Speak Magic Prompts: This feature of the platform lets researchers leverage recommended prompts rather than have to create their own from scratch.

  3. Bulk analysis: Speak users can import individual files or upload in bulk depending on their research needs.

  4. Integration capabilities: Speak lets users create directly in the Speak platform, or use video integrations like Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

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3.  Appen

Appen is a market research solution providing a broad range of data services, from data collection, to data preparation, model evaluation, ad evaluation, benchmarking, and more. Their products serve as a way to gather large volumes of data for training and AI testing purposes.

Key Features of Appen:

  1. AI Training Data: Appen provides companies with training data to develop and fine-tune AI models. The training datasets teach the AI systems how to correctly perform specific tasks so that companies can confidently use the AI models for real business objectives.

  2. Data Annotation: Appen offers data annotation services for all types of datasets - such as images, videos, audio files, text feedback, and more.

  3. Linguistic services: Natural language processing (NLP) is another area of focus for Appen, including text generation, text classification, translations, scripting, language tag predictions, and more.

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4. Pecan

Pecan is a predictive analytics platform that leans on machine learning and AI to turn imported data sets into actionable predictions - such as customer retention rates, demand forecasting, campaign optimization, and return on investment. The platform works by analyzing the imported data sets to answer a user-prompted business question - like ‘X Days after initial install, predict whether customers will spend more than $X by day 30.”

Key Features of Pecan:

  1. Predictive analysis: Pecan users can ask straightforward questions about their data set, and receive a predictive analysis back within a few days. Users can even schedule recurring predictions in the future.

  2. Data integrations: Unlike other market research platforms where users set up and run their studies on the platform itself, Pecan works by integrating with other software tools to import existing data sets for analysis. They integrate with popular software tools like Salesforce, Oracle, and Amazon S3.

  3. Information Security: Pecan prioritizes data security through protocols such as authentication, cryptography and encryption, cloud data storage, and an incident response management team.

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5. Crayon 

Crayon is a market research tool/software platform that’s focused on providing its users with competitive intelligence. Their AI-powered analysis engine sorts through competitor metrics and sends automatic alerts with relevant information so that sales and marketing teams can work more efficiently.

Key Features of Crayon:

  1. Multi-sourced information: Crayon captures real-time competitive intelligence from a number of sources such as competitor websites, review sites, and publications.

  2. Sales battlecards: Crayon users can connect their existing battlecards to the platform’s feed of competitive intel for a real-time source of truth.

  3. Integrations: Users can integrate their battlecards and other information within Crayon’s platform with software such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Slack.

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6. Hotjar

Hotjar is a user experience (UX) tool that provides businesses with valuable information on how users are interacting with their website. Visual heatmaps represent where website surfers are clicking or scrolling. The site uses AI features such as a feedback popup asking for consumer satisfaction on the site and targeted surveys to better understand your target audience.


Key Features of Hotjar:

  1. Recordings: This feature of the Hotjar platforms lets brands see what users see when they visit their website. The recording tracks mouse movements, clicks, and other user interactions in a live playback fashion.

  2. Feedback popup: Hotjar’s Feedback popup leverages AI to present website visitors with a real-time suggestion box to voice their frustration or delight with the website.

  3. Surveys: Hotjar lets you send targeted surveys to live users on your site to validate business ideas in real-time.

  4. Interviews: Hotjar’s Engage tool hosts 1:1 interviews with users and records/transcribes the video feedback for valuable insights.

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7. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a great tool to use across several stages of the market research process. From asking the AI-driven platform to generate a list of potential survey questions to using the tool to draft insight summaries, ChatGPT can save research teams a lot of time and resources.


Key Features of ChatGPT:

  1. Competitor analysis: ChatGPT users can ask the OpenAI platform for paragraphs or a bulleted summary list of intelligence on their closest competitors. This can be helpful when thinking about creating a new product or marketing campaign - to see what your competitors are doing in the same space.

  2. Market trends and insights: Ask ChatGPT for the latest market trends and insights to stay on top of consumer behavior changes and include related questions in your own online surveys.

  3. Email campaign creation: ChatGPT can draft personalized emails to specific consumer groups (such as high-quality prospects or certain customer segments).

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8. Browse AI  

Browse AI is an AI tool that can extract data from any website and analyze it - with the hope of creating a more equal and accessible internet environment. The tool uses ‘Pre-built Robots’ to extract data into a self-filling spreadsheet and to monitor information like search results or new business listings.

Key Features of Browse AI:

  1. Data extraction: This is a main feature of Browse AI’s business, and one that extracts important information in a seamless manner (such as new LinkedIn job postings, new Apps on the market, new services available in a category, new property listings in the real estate market, and other relevant information based on your industry.

  2. Data monitoring: The monitoring tool within Browse AI alerts companies of relevant changes - such as when a certain company’s details change on a LinkedIn page or when Google search results change.

  3. No-coding browser extension: Browse AI lets users extract and monitor data simply by adding a browser extension - no coding background required.

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9. Brandwatch

For businesses looking to monitor and analyze their social media presence - or that of competitors, Brandwatch is a great tool to leverage for social listening. The platform works by aggregating relevant social media posts, comments, mentions, and conversations, then segmenting the feedback into certain topics or opinions, and finally, using AI to analyze the results.

Key Features of Brandwatch:

  1. AI analyst: The analyst automatically pulls and aggregates social media information instantly for your brand to use in decision making.

  2. Image analysis: AI features are not limited to text with Brandwatch; the tool can analyze objects, scenes, and logos as well.

  3. Auto segmentation: Using machine learning, Brandwatch can automatically segment your dataset into any classification you might need.

  4. AI-powered search: The AI-powered search feature of the platform lets users instantly search for any brand name or mention within their data set.

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How quantilope uses AI for market research

quantilope continues to grow and advance it’s AI capabilities that have formed the foundation of the Consumer Intelligence Platform since day one.

With one of the largest suites of advanced research methodologies powered by machine learning and AI, survey building templates and automated modules, LOI automation, and AI-generated insight summaries, quantilope is grounded in AI-powered tools for a seamless end-to-end research experience.

quantilope views AI as one of the best research Co-Pilots a brand can leverage for their insights process - from developing effective marketing strategies using data-backed insights to streamlining a product development team’s workflow based on current customer needs and trends, AI analysis tools allow brands to do more with less - without sacrificing quality.

To learn more about quantilope’s existing and upcoming AI features, get in touch below!

Get in touch to learn more about quantilope's use of AI!



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