quantilope Launches quinn: The AI Co-Pilot For Advanced Consumer Research

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To continue offering the most competitive and leading insights platform, quantilope is proud to introduce quinn, our automated AI co-pilot for advanced consumer research!


Built directly into quantilope’s end-to-end Consumer Intelligence Platform, quinn leverages both Generative and Synthesizing AI to provide researchers with inspiration and actionable recommendations when developing advanced method surveys, analyzing chart data, and reporting on findings.

Over time, quinn will expand its list of AI-driven features and tools to continue driving efficiencies in advanced research - including automatic insights generation and the ability to search for insights across all of your projects.


“As AI continues to advance, it’s incredibly exciting to grow along with it,” says quantilope CEO, Peter Aschmoneit. “It’s our commitment to provide researchers with the most innovative approaches to obtaining insights. With quinn, researchers don’t just get a few new features; they get a new member of their team offering inspiration and guidance to conduct advanced research projects easier than ever before.”




quinn was built to create a way for research teams to do more with less time. As the demand for insights continues to grow, teams will increasingly rely on AI co-pilots like quinn so they can focus more of their time on the strategic story their data is telling.  


“quinn represents an exciting shift not just for our company but for our industry at large,” says quantilope Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Lucas Bremer. “Many businesses today can no longer keep up with the growing demand for insights requests and the simultaneous increased focus on data security/integrity. For this reason, quinn was developed with highly-vetted data products - like Microsoft, to assure quinn users of the safety and security of their data.”


To learn more about quinn and the available AI features and tools, get in touch with our team below! 

Get in touch to learn more about quinn!



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