TMRE Continued: Meet quinn, the most advanced AI co-pilot for consumer research


Join quantilope’s Co-Founder & CEO, Peter Aschmoneit and Director of Data Science, Jannik Meyners, for a presentation on the benefits of AI within research and a perspective on how to make AI approachable and applicable for research departments. 


quantilope client Kwame Wireko, Growth Marketer at Nestlé R&D US Accelerator, even says: "At Nestlé R&D Accelerator…we see AI as critical in enabling quicker and more agile consumer research to unlock high-quality insights. It's exciting to see quantilope double down on building practical use cases of AI in consumer research with such tools built seamlessly into their platform.."

In this session, you will experience a demo of quinn, the most advanced AI co-pilot in the consumer research industry. You'll get practical applications of AI across the entire research process within quantilope: from survey creation to data analysis, project summaries, and more. 

Access the webinar recording!



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