Demo Fest - Automated Implicit Research

Part three of quantilope's Demo Fest series featured a demonstration of how brands can tap into the consumer's subconscious with implicit research.

Demo Fest - Automated Brand Tracking

Part two of quantilope's Demo Fest series featured a demonstration of how innovations in automation make tracking research easy, fast and flexible.

Demo Fest - Insights Automation

quantilope's recent 3-part Demo Fest series kicked off with a demonstration of how Insights Automation makes advanced research easy.

quantilope & Quirk's: How to Tell Impactful Stories Through Data

Storytelling is the key when taking insights from data points, to strategies, to life. Most researchers have a plethora of data at their fingertips, however, it can be difficult to know where to start...

Drum Roll Please...It's Almost Time for Demo Fest!

What's better than one demo? How about THREE?

quantilope & GreenBook: How to Uncover Subconscious Associations with Implicit Research

Watch the webinar to dive into quantilope’s latest global implicit research study to uncover the unbiased and subconscious associations of 3,000 consumers across the U.S., U.K. and Germany.

quantilope & Quirk's: How to Design an Effective Brand Tracker

Watch our session from the Quirk's Virtual Event, for an in-depth discussion on the benefits of brand tracking, including a demo of quantilope's Insights Automation Platform.

quantilope & Quirk's: Uncovering Subconscious Associations with Implicit Research

quantilope's recent webinar with Quirk's: How to Uncover Subconscious Associations Using Implicit Research, illuminated how brands can quickly capture unbiased consumer insights for a variety of objec...

quantilope & Denny's: An AdAge Panel Discussion on Navigating Inflation

quantilope's recent webinar with AdAge: How Successful Brands Leverage Consumer Research to Navigate Inflation, sparked an interesting discussion on how data provides valuable insights to brands.

Webinar: How to Rapidly Enhance Your Brand Pricing Strategy

During quantilope's webinar on March 3rd viewers learned how to successfully adjust pricing strategies in order to maintain healthy profits in the face of growing inflation and increasing costs. Exper...