quantilope Demo Day March 2023: Automated Tracking Research

Become a TracKing or Queen! Innovations in automation now make tracking research easy, fast and flexible. Automated tracking research can deliver up to five waves of data for the cost of one wave with...

quantilope & ESOMAR Webinar: Understanding Implicit Associations

Subconscious associations are strong influencers of buyer behavior, yet they remain a black box for many companies. However, brands can now easily tap into their consumers' subconscious using automate...

quantilope & GreenBook Webinar: The Path to Best In Class Insights in 2023

Insights teams are the heartbeat of the organization. They inform practically every business decision from product development, to pricing, advertising, innovation and more, yet they aren’t always val...

quantilope & AMA Fireside Chat: The Importance of Brand Tracking in 2023

Watch the fireside chat to uncover how Eurowings and Pharmavite, makers of Nature Made, are using tracking research to drive business results and how automation enables brand owners to deliver trackin...

quantilope & Quirk's: What Does Research Technology Look Like in 2023?

2022 has been rocky to say the least. From internal budget cuts to shifting consumer needs, high inflation alongside a rocky economy has created an incredibly complex time for brands. For insights pro...

Demo Fest - Automated Implicit Research

Part three of quantilope's Demo Fest series featured a demonstration of how brands can tap into the consumer's subconscious with implicit research.

Demo Fest - Automated Brand Tracking

Part two of quantilope's Demo Fest series featured a demonstration of how innovations in automation make tracking research easy, fast and flexible.

Demo Fest - Insights Automation

quantilope's recent 3-part Demo Fest series kicked off with a demonstration of how Insights Automation makes advanced research easy.

quantilope & Quirk's: How to Tell Impactful Stories Through Data

Storytelling is the key when taking insights from data points, to strategies, to life. Most researchers have a plethora of data at their fingertips, however, it can be difficult to know where to start...

Drum Roll Please...It's Almost Time for Demo Fest!

What's better than one demo? How about THREE?