quantilope is Nominated for Two Quirk's Research Awards

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quantilope is excited to announce that it has been recognized as a finalist for the Best Global Market Research Project and the Best Advertising Research Project in the Quirk’s Awards for Marketing Research and Insight Excellence.


The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards, powered by Quirk’s Media, recognizes the researchers, suppliers, and products and services that are adding value and impact to marketing research. Finalists are selected by a panel of judges made up of a combination of end-client researchers, supplier partners, and Quirk’s editorial staff.


quantilope is nominated for the Best Global Market Research Project with its Consumer NOW Index. Led by Max Cryns in the US and Renée Bracker in Germany, The Consumer NOW Index is a global consumer research tracker built to help brands stay connected to their consumers' radically changing state of emotions and behaviors. From March 20th to June 3rd, 2020 the Consumer NOW Index ran 8 waves with 1,200 consumers across the US, UK, and Germany. Each wave used three advanced research methods including an automated Key Driver Analysis, MaxDiff, and an Implicit Association Test


The project was built using a state-of-the-art multi-country tool to allow for a single survey setup that could be instantly launched in multiple markets. Results from each market and wave were hosted inside of the same project to easily and instantly compare results over time and between regions. In total, 16 surveys were launched between Germany and the US and 6 in the UK throughout the 8 waves. 


quantilope is nominated for the Best Advertising Research Project with its own Ad Kings. Led by Alex Hall, Ad Kings is a research initiative seeking to provide the guidelines for running campaigns during a crisis – what to do, what not to do, and what seems to be resonating the best with consumers. Using automated Key Drivers Analysis and A/B Monadic tests, Ad Kings surveyed 1,200 US consumers testing the overall effectiveness of eight advertising campaigns launched during the pandemic from sectors including retail, CPG, travel, fast food, and technology. Each campaign was evaluated on its overall ad effectiveness and campaign sentiment scoring to identify the dos and don’ts of advertising during a crisis. 


The award winners will be announced live at The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards Virtual Ceremony on November 9, 2020. Please visit quirksawards.com for more details.

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