Food Trends in 2021

Study Background

As we enter a new year, quantilope was eager to see how consumers are prioritizing their food choices, and where brands have an opportunity to adapt to changing preferences and trends.

This study examines the biggest food trends going into 2021 with focus on sustainability, packaging, and shopping behaviors.

Methodology Overview

Methods: This study includes two MaxDiff analyses, as well as an implicit single association test (SAT). 

Sample: N=552 German consumers (18-69), representative to the general population (age & gender; incl. boost on dietary types)

Timing: This study was conducted in January 2021, using an online, quantitative approach. 


Why do you follow this particular diet?

Taste is the most important reason for 63% to follow their diet.

What about vegetarians, vegans etc.?


Which of the following food trends would you consider trying?

Among boomers, one of five is open to trying 'Sustainably sourced' for themselves.

What potential do other food trends as 'Organic' and 'Locally sourced' have?


Have you already tried a plant-based alternative to your favourite meat product?

53% have already tried a plant-based meat alternative.

How open are consumers to trying plant-based alternatives in the future?


Which food brands do consumers consider as sustainable?

For more than half of the participants (54%) it is very important or important that the brands they buy focus on sustainability in their products.

In an open question, participants were asked to name brands that come to mind when thinking of sustainability. The results allow surprising conclusions to be drawn for food as well as retail brands.
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