Automated Market Research Features I Advanced Consumer Insights

In addition to our automated advanced methodologies, quantilope's automated consumer research platform is designed with features to enhance the quality, simplicity, and impact of your research.

Reach International Consumers in Multiple Languages

quantilope’s multi-country feature allows you to conduct surveys in different languages and multiple regions to instantly compare results from consumers highlighting significant differences across markets. You can upload your pre-translated survey directly into quantilope’s platform or work with one of our translation partners to do the work for you.

Automated Tracking for Real-Time Results

quantilope offers both brand and ad tracking to monitor changes to your KPI’s over time. Brand tracking can monitor changes to your brand’s perception, awareness, consumer behavior patterns, and more. Ad tracking measures the effectiveness of advertising campaigns such as brand awareness and preference towards a brand before/after a campaign. Tracking is managed through waves (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.).

With quantilope, each tracking project involves a single set up process and offers live results. quantilope’s platform is set up so each new wave begins automatically and new data is instantly added to your report.

Stronger Insights with Automated Data Cleaning

To ensure the highest quality of data, you can add automated ‘cleaning flags’ to your project to remove data from particular participants. Data from flagged participants is excluded from all analysis. However, data is never fully removed from the system and you can remove flags to add participant responses back into analysis.

Data cleaning flags include general flags (e.g. timer-flags to remove participants who complete the survey too quickly), method-specific flags (e.g. for implicit methods), custom flags, and more.

Live Significance Testing

Your data is automatically tested on significant differences (choosing between 1%, 5% or 10% significance levels) both within or between groups. Significance testing appears via mouseover in the platform and insights dashboards.

Panel Agnostic for Increased Flexibility

quantilope’s platform is panel agnostic meaning that you can connect any panel to the platform. You can bring your own panel, connect an external panel, work with one of our certified global panel partners, or add links to social media networks and newsletters to connect to your consumers without using a panel. All panels are linked directly into quantilope’s platform.

Additional Features

Real-time Data

quantilope's platform analyzes data in real time. The platform begins analyzing data as soon as the first few completes come in. Data is updated with each new response and automatically updates charts in your report and insights dashboard.


Each questionnaire can be exported into a Word document including all questions, answer options, and routing conditions. Raw data can be exported in Excel or SPSS, and chart images can be exported into PowerPoint.

Flexible Data Analysis

Custom variables enable you to create new variables based on participant answers from questions in your survey. This function is useful if you wish to define age categories or combine the responses to multiple questions into one variable. You can also cut your sample into 'subsamples' to easily compare responses between groups.


Weighting is used when the distribution of a sample (age, gender, responses, etc.) does not reflect the desired target group. For example, you would lower the weight of the male responses and increase the weight of the female responses to reflect the desired quota distribution if you had a project that needed 50% male respondents and 50% women respondents but you received 60% men and 40% women.

Interactive Insights Dashboards

Once your project is complete, you can build an insights dashboard to communicate your research overview and key findings along with live charts and graphs. Insights dashboards easily combine charts with text fields, images, and videos. Dashboards are interactive (live significance testing, show/hide response options, etc.), use real-time data (chats automatically update as soon you collect more data), and are sharable via web link.


quantilope's question library is a comprehensive collection of predefined questions that you can use to support your survey set up. All you need to do is drag and drop a question to the desired position in the questionnaire. You also able to store your own question templates in your question library for future use.


quantilope’s tools are ready-to-use questionnaire and reporting templates to answer questions across the entire marketing mix including advertising, brand, product, pricing, etc. Tools are flexible and can be easily updated to answer specific project questions.

Interactive Communication

quantilope's platform is designed to support interactive communication. Simply add multiple colleagues to a project to review and edit each study. Teammates can communicate with each other by adding comments to the survey and easily share charts, reports and insight dashboards via web link.

Survey and Report Customization

You have the option to customize how your survey is displayed to participants. Customization includes fonts, colors, buttons, and background images. Insights dashboards can also be customized to your corporate design.

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