quantilope Collaborates with Blackhawk Network to Incentivize the Consumer Research Experience

quantilope has announced a new collaboration with Blackhawk Network, which will enable its clients to leverage incentives to better attract survey respondents and increase survey response rates for th...

quantilope & Quirk's: Uncovering Subconscious Associations with Implicit Research

quantilope's recent webinar with Quirk's: How to Uncover Subconscious Associations Using Implicit Research, illuminated how brands can quickly capture unbiased consumer insights for a variety of objec...

Tuning In to Streaming and Social Platform Insights

quantilope's new Streaming and Social Platforms Study surveyed 3,000 consumers in the US, UK, and Germany to reveal behavior patterns & trends across platforms.

Tapping Into Consumers' Subconscious Through Implicit Research

Brands have the option to use any number of research methods - be it a MaxDiff, TURF, Segmentation, or Key Driver Analysis. All advanced research methods have their own unique benefits, but one, in pa...

Life at quantilope: the Sustainability Committee

Read more about our Sustainability Committee. Meet Can, one of quantilope’s Product Managers, and learn about his involvement in the sustainability committee.  

quantilope & Denny's: An AdAge Panel Discussion on Navigating Inflation

quantilope's recent webinar with AdAge: How Successful Brands Leverage Consumer Research to Navigate Inflation, sparked an interesting discussion on how data provides valuable insights to brands.

Five Waves of Direct-to-Consumer Mattress Tracking

Since August 2019 quantilope has been tracking direct-to-consumer (DTC) mattress insights among past US mattress purchasers. 

Elizabeth Carducci, Visionary Leader in Insights Technology, Joins quantilope's Board of Directors

Former Medallia CRO joins the board of quantilope, the fast growing Insights Automation company.

Survey Panel Providers: How They are Used for Market Research

This blog post explores survey research panel providers - including what they are, why they're important, how to fit them into your market research budget, and how to ensure high-quality data from you...

Dive Inside the quantiverse: Meet Mia, our Sales Development Representative

Hi, my name is Mia. I’m a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at quantilope and have been with the company for 1 year.