What Are Traditional Omnibus Surveys? (+10 Reasons They're Not Effective)

In this article, we explore what traditional omnibus surveys are in market research and why they don’t work for providing high-quality, actionable, tailored insights about your target audience.

A Refreshing Take on Soda Brand Health Tracking

quantilope's syndicated Better Brand Health Tracker in the soda category is the first to leverage the new BBHT model within the Consumer Intelligence Platform.

How and When To Use Every Advanced Method quantilope Offers

In this blog, learn about each of quantilope’s 12 advanced research methods and examples of when to leverage them in your quantitative research studies.

quantilope & Insights Association Webinar: DIY Empowerment

Are your insights budgets getting reduced? Are you afraid of cutting agency research and not being able to manage existing projects on your own? Today's challenges for insights teams are not new. What...

5 Responses When You Hear 'Our Current Research Process is Fine!'

We all know the phrase, ‘Don’t fix what’s not broken’. But what if it was something that might not be broken, but had the potential to be a whole lot better?

Here's Why You Need To Tie Research to Company Strategy

In this blog post, learn why you should always tie your research efforts back to overall company strategy to maintain corporate-level consistency, cost efficiencies, and more.

How To Run Market Research for CPG Companies

As a consumer-facing company, there are few things more valuable than data-supported consumer insights. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) market research is one of the best ways to understand what consume...

quantilope & WIRe Webinar: Misconceptions About Tracking Research

Tracking research is the continuous, measure of critical consumer metrics over time - driving high-impact decision-making and business growth. While tracking is among the most popular forms of market ...

Probability Sampling: Types, Methods, Examples, and Uses

In this blog, learn all about probability sampling in market research - including what it is, types of this sampling method, advantages of probability sampling, and how/when to use it.

Your Guide to Cross-Tabulation Analysis

This blog explains what cross-tabulation analysis is, how it’s traditionally been done with research agencies, and quantilope’s approach to making data analysis quick, intuitive, and automated.

quantilope & Kraft: Presentation Recording on Cream Cheese Tracking

Hear how Kraft Heinz partners with quantilope to automate their tracking research.

Cluster Sampling: Methods, Advantages, Limitations, and Examples

In this blog, we will explain what cluster sampling is, how it differs from other common sampling methods, the types of cluster sampling available, the advantages of using it, and examples.

Leveraging Market Research Dashboards To Visualize Survey Data

After wrapping up a research study, are you typically left with a data file wondering how to display your survey results in an impactful way?

Increase Your Expertise With quantilope Academy's MaxDiff Course!

Exciting news - the quantilope Academy has just rolled out its first advanced method course: Count-Based Maximum Difference Scaling! That’s a mouthful - so we generally just refer to this as ‘MaxDiff’...

Time-Consuming Research Tasks You Can Automate With quantilope

Market research hasn’t always been quick. Traditionally, it took a substantial amount of time to properly set up a questionnaire, write programming logic, test the functionality, reach out to panel pr...

Market Research Platform vs. Agency: How To Choose the Right Solution for Your Needs

This blog post is dedicated to a comparison between market research platform solutions and traditional market research agencies.

How To Use Exploratory Research To Make Better Business Decisions

In this post, learn how to use exploratory research as a tool for arming your business with data-backed decision-making.

Your Guide to Industry Tracking Research

Industries are growing and evolving faster than ever before. Whether it’s an industry’s product/service offering, the layouts of stores, e-commerce strategies, or updated brand positioning, industry l...

Five Misconceptions About Tracking Research

If you've been shying away from tracking research for fear of not having the time or resources, this one's for you.

Guide to Automated Tracking Research

Consumer insights drive business growth strategies, often separating successful businesses from ones that rely on gut feel or instinct. However, consumer insights are always evolving, making it diffic...