How To Automate A/B Testing in Market Research

This blog post helps researchers understand how to automate their A/B testing process for more efficient market research insights.

Let's Get Tracking With quantilope Academy's Brand Health Course!

We're thrilled to announce that the Brand Health Tracker Course is now live in the quantilope Academy!

Brand Health Tracking: How To Measure + Helpful Monitoring Tools

This blog explores brand health tracking - including what it is, how to measure it, and important brand health tools for monitoring over time.

How To Perform Market Research for Advertising Campaigns

Market research is often thought of as the background or prep work to launching a new product or service or checking in on a product’s performance; however, market research can also be leveraged quite...

How To Measure Brand Equity

This blog post walks you through what brand equity is, certain brand equity metrics that you’ll want to measure in a market research study, and how to go about doing so with quantilope.

Detect Underlying Insights With a Multi Implicit Association Test (MIAT)

In this blog, learn about quantilope's newest method: multi-implicit association testing (MIAT).

The Importance of Advanced Methodologies in Consumer Research

We talk a lot about advanced methods - and for good reason. Advanced methods are a means of research that go beyond the 'what' to get at the 'why'.

MaxDiff vs. Conjoint Analysis: When To Use Each for Market Research?

In this blog post, learn the main differences between two very commonly used advanced research methodologies: MaxDiff and Conjoint analysis, and when to leverage each.

Using a MIAT To See What Consumers Really Think About 6 Major Airlines

Pack your bags for a journey through consumers' implicit associations with six major airlines!

Concept Testing: Methods, Survey Design, and Examples

In this post we look at concept testing, a highly valuable way to screen ideas before they go live.