Brand Health Tracking Series: Benefits of Tracking Mental Availability

If you read our last post in our brand health tracking series, you might be wondering what the big deal is about Category Entry Points (CEPs) and Mental Availability (MA) - two empirically-grounded co...

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quantilope's Guide to Brand Tracking Research provides a framework for how to create an effective brand tracker and how to leverage automated tracking for real-time results.

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This blog explores what choice-based conjoint is and how the advanced method can be effectively used for insightful pricing research.

Brand Health Tracking Series: Category Entry Points & Mental Availability

In this next post in our series, we highlight two empirically-grounded market research concepts for brand health known as Category Entry Points (CEPs) and Mental Availability.

Brand Health Tracking Series: The Basics of Brand Health Tracking

Brand health tracking is a way for brands to monitor how their brand is performing in the market over time - both in terms of sales/revenue and how consumers perceive their brand.

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Let's Get Tracking With quantilope Academy's Brand Health Course!

We're thrilled to announce that the Brand Health Tracker Course is now live in the quantilope Academy!

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This blog explores brand health tracking - including what it is, how to measure it, and important brand health tools for monitoring over time.

How To Measure Brand Equity

This blog post walks you through what brand equity is, certain brand equity metrics that you’ll want to measure in a market research study, and how to go about doing so with quantilope.