Choice Based Conjoint (CBC) Analysis


CBC allows measurement of preference, importance, and willingness to pay. Conclusions about the importance of individual characteristics are drawn indirectly from a realistic overall product evaluation.


Realistic analysis of preferences and willingness to pay

  • How great is willingness to pay for a new product and thus the optimum price for that product?


  • How important are specific product characteristics to consumers?


  • What characteristics create the greatest utility and are thus important for the decision to buy?


  • For which  product characteristics do consumers have the greatest willingness to pay a price premium?

  • What is the willingness to buy for the product in the competitive environment?

Automated price and competition analysis

The unique automation in quantilope allows simple, clear CBC set-up and methodologically correct implementation. Using state-of-the art Hierarchical Bayes algorithms, the software also calculates and comprehensively visualizes the results, allowing recommendations for action to be intuitively derived. The innovative conjoint market simulator, which forecasts “what if” scenarios in real time, makes competitive analysis directly available.


Insights with immediate business impact


Results and visualization available directly


Implemented simply and clearly


Robust, state-of-the-art methodology


Wide range of possible applications


Automatic calculation and simulation

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