Key Driver Analysis 


Key Driver Analysis determines the most important drivers of e.g. brand appeal, purchase intent, or customer satisfaction and uses this information to prioritize the most effective levers for improving the target value in question.  


Suitable for a wide range of applications

  • What characteristics are most important for a positive brand image?


  • What product features will allow me to increase willingness to buy?

  • What levers are most effective for improving customer satisfaction?

  • What is the performance with respect to the most important drivers compared to the market average?


  • Why is my Net Promoter Score® worse than my competitor’s?

Simply valid management insights

quantilope’s unique automation enables users to perform key driver analysis easily and in a methodologically correct manner, even without specialized statistical knowledge. Using the analysis requires only evaluations of the target value and the driver on classic rating scales. Calculation of relationships is automatic, takes only a few seconds, and is based on valid machine learning algorithms. The software also visualizes the results so that they are suitable for management, allowing appropriate recommendations for action to be recognized at a glance. 



 Insights and recommendations for action


Results within a few seconds


Simple, intuitive use


Robust, valid methodology


Flexible applications


Automatic calculation and visualization

Beispiel Case

Success Story: career portal

Use the right levers to become an in-demand employer



  • What factors influence the choice of employer?
  • Which of these drivers should companies improve to make themselves more attractive to employees?


  • Agile research process with automated key driver analysis
  • Key driver analysis to identify the relevant drivers of attractiveness as an employer


  • Specific recommendations for action at the touch of a button
  • Targeted, successful employer branding
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