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quantilope automates advanced method & tracking research for a modern approach to
consumer insights that matches the pace and quality businesses need to grow

Streamline your research with
best-in-class automation

quantilope's end-to-end Consumer Intelligence Platform automates the traditionally manual tasks associated with consumer research including survey set-up, method programming, data cleaning, and more.

Monitor results in real-time so you can get a jumpstart on analysis.


Seek more clarity from your data with advanced method insights

You deserve more than basic usage and attitude data.

quantilope offers the largest selection of fully automated advanced research methodologies to provide more clarity and less confusion when it comes to your insights.

Simply drag and drop any of the platform’s 12 automated methods into your survey and monitor results in real-time as soon as respondents begin your survey.


Act and react ahead
of your competition

If tracking research gives you a headache, you haven’t tried tracking research with quantilope.

Our easy-to-use automated tracking solution empowers insights teams to continuously monitor brand health, consumer trends, or customer satisfaction.

With just a few clicks of your mouse you can set a new wave live and watch new data automatically populate existing charts on your report and dashboard.


Elevate your role as a researcher

quantilope offer flexible service levels to suit your needs, but regardless of your approach, you'll gain access to expert training and cutting-edge AI support.

Our team of certified research experts are ready to guide you in mastering advanced methods and sharpening your overall research skills. Collaborate with quinn, quantilope's AI co-pilot for advanced consumer research, offering inspiration and guidance throughout your research journey.


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